Process & Separation Technology

Process Technology

Process Materials Australia as part of the Process Materials Group designs, fabricates and installs filters, vessels, stainers etc utilising  the various engineering deciplines and expertise of  our specialist staff.  Process Materials as a part of the group represents Pentair Oil & Gas Separations in Australia. Pentair Oil & Gas Separations provides customers with high performance filtration and separation solutions.

Instruments Air Receiver Skid

Fuel Gas Scrubber Skid

Separations Technology

Process Materials Australia also specialises in the design and supply of skid mounted process units to meet any requirement or condition. The range of equipment that can be offered includes stand alone gas processing plants, glycol dehydration units, dewpoint control units, valve and piping manifold skids, aerial coolers, fired heaters and compressor units.

Our Product Range Includes

Dry Gas Filtration
Process Liquid & Particulate Separation / Coalescer
Liquid / Liquid Separation
LNG Plant Solutions