Vessel Equipment, Launcher & Receiver

Process Material Australia is also able to design and supply other pressure equipment such as air receivers, condensate pods, tote tank, drain tank, launchers and receivers.

Launcher & Receiver

Tg. Langsat/Kulim
Mala Development, Sudan
Sumandak SUPG-B, PCSB
Natural Gas Pipeline and Metering for Lion Groups, Banting, Selangor
Lekas Transmission Pipeline
Dalak Pipeline Project

Launcher and receiver arrived and ready to be installed at Sumandak, PCSB

Condensated Pods

B11 PA Utility Topside, Sarawak Shell

Tote Tanks

Guntong-E Project, ExxonMobil

Air Receiver & Drain Tanks

Kuantan & Segamat Compressor, Petronas Gas Berhad